Wildfire Scene Stealer Solid Dong Waterproof 12.5 Inch Natural

Wildfire Scene Stealer Solid Dong Waterproof 12.5 Inch Natural

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  • Product Sku: TS1101046
  • Manufacturer: Topco Sales
  • Availability: Short Wait
  • Release Date: December 26, 2007


Realistic, solid Jel-Lee dong with balls is 12" in length, and over 2" in diameter. Jel-Lee construction is pleasurably soft on the outside, yet rigid and firm on the inside. Built-in suction cup base is harness compatible.

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My wife does me with this

My wife and me do crystal meth and she does me in the butt with this when I hit the pipe good and hard. Makes me cum good. Do some crystal before you hit your butt

Anonymous - July 16 2019


Was amazing. So much to take in at first but now after using it I love it. I took it.......all.......in and it feels so good.

Anonymous - April 6 2019

This bad boy is HUGE...

The description doesn't do it justice. But are accurate about the size. My ass is well broke in having other toys of comparable size but, this is a new challenge to play with, meaning it get wider the more you insert it !! Till you get to the ring sweet spot its really feels fantastic. Vanes are a extra plus and you can really feel them. I actually made it to the ring level the first fuck but couldn't get past it, will have to give myself time to adjust to size. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Anonymous - May 11 2016


All the rumors are true: Bigger than you think. Fills you up good, be prepared for it...

Anonymous - January 8 2016

Holy Moly

After about a month my wife can take the whole shaft and she had her first squirt last week... I wonder what can I get next???

Anonymous - February 13 2015


I love getting ass fucked , it's my favorite thing to do in life.i have been fucking huge dildos for years now especially this one . I can now slide down all the way to the balls and then move up and down real fast . I really get off good with this huge cock. I don't even need a warm up ,I just slide it in , God I love getting fucked by giant cocks!!!!!!

Anonymous - November 22 2014

scene stealer

to big for me 1.5" would be good

Anonymous - November 14 2014

She loved it

I surprised my wife with this, her eyes almost popped out of her head when she unwrapped it. It was her first big girl toy. She exclaimed, "It will never fit" and as I put lube on it for her, and she squatted over it to slide down on it, well, she came the first time just pushing it in. Yes, she could take it, and yes, she grew to love it. She still loves it, as a starter for her little bit bigger ones ;)

Anonymous - October 14 2014

thick veins

when its inside you the veins are so thick you can feel every one of them when you fuck it slow, then when you speed up ,hours later you can still feel the sensation inside you!!!!! makes me cum very quick, also if you turn it upside down the veins will stimulate your prostate making you blow quick!!!!

Anonymous - November 20 2013

one awesome ass fuck

Wish I could give this star performer a higher rating. This cock is perfect. Big, thick, heavyweight with a great suction cup. As much as I push and bounce on this big boy I just can't reach the elusive ring near the base. Oh how good it feels trying though. I get pretty fucking crazy on this thing, usually end up cumming sooner than I want. It wasn't until my wife harnessed this beast
that I had the amazing feeling of that naughty ring penetrate my ass. OH WOW! I felt so full with the entire fucking size of it deep in my ass. She pounded me so hard I shot cum across the bed. As she barried it to the balls and held it in there, I swear this cock is so strong I think she could've picked me up with it lol. Love this thing. Anyone that like ass fuckings must have this toy....it's the best one in my collection.

Anonymous - September 29 2013

nice cock

not too big, sticks pretty good to the shower, its good and pointed so its easy to itsert without using your hands. if you torn it upside down you will feel those thick veins inside your ass real good!

Anonymous - August 16 2013

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